Galley equipment



Sterilizing cabinet


●     The internal and external cases are made by stainless steel,filled with heat insulation layer.

●     The sterilizing cabinet mainly composed of two independent cabinet (top cabinet and bottom one)

●     Top cabinet:HTP80—-ozone sterilizing cabinet.

HTP128—ozone and moderate temperature sterilizing cabinet.

HTP350—sterilizing and keep warm convertible cabinet.

●     Bottom cabinet:high temperature sterilizing cabinet.

●     Top cabinet with ozone sterilizing has door switch(power is cut off once opening the door)

●     Sterilizing in automatic control.

●     Master power switch,when stopping heating in emergency,turn off the main power switch to cut off power.

Name Model Capacity Power (kw) Voltage(v) Frequency(Hz) High temperature sterilizing time External dimensions(L*W*H) Weight(kg)
Stainless steel sterilizer HTP80 80L     (Top30L, bottom 50L) 0.6 kw 220v 50/60hz 125(+45、-5)℃ 425*350*800mm 15kg
Stainless steel sterilizer HTP128 128L (Top42L, bottom68L) 1 kw 220v 50/60hz 125(+45、-5)℃ 464*388*1100mm 25kg
Stainless steel sterilizer HTP350 350L (Top100L, bottom 250L) 2.7 kw 220v 50/60hz 125(+45、-5)℃ 720*540*1540mm 51kg